Who's that girl?

As soon as X Factor winner Matt Cardle made it through to the finals, he ditched his long standing squeeze Lauren, in order to focus on becoming a major sleb in a flat cap. But Lauren can't be entirely erased from the Matt history-books, as it was she who persuaded the public school boy turned decorator to sign up for the show. So up she pops in Matt's new video, congratulating her then amour, little knowing that she would soon be cruelly ditched. Ah, fame.

Matt admitted that he and Lauren were a couple (hmm, very galant of you Matt) saying, ‘I haven’t spoken to Lauren for a long time, if she wants to do what she wants to do, good luck to her. It’s a bit weird, you think your private life will stay private for a little bit longer than that. And some aspects are true and some aren’t true – but it is 100 per cent not true with the other girls, absolutely.'

Well, if what Harry Styles whispered to Matt is true (yes, we're refering to p****-gate) and we imagine it probably is - there'll be plenty more kiss and tells on the horizon...

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