Who's a Terry naughty boy? The low budget version

Tawdry events like these truly make you wonder why 'Footballer's Wives' ever went off the air - it is surely one of the most prescient and accurate dramas of our times. Paul Terry, brother of famed love rat John Terry, and professional footballer for the Conference side 'Rushden and Diamonds' (a 'Footballers Wives' name if ever we heard one) - has been playing away with his team-mate Dale's fiancee, Lindsay.

A source told The Mirror, 'Lindsey came out and told Dale what had been happening. He was horrified. Dale rang Paul and he denied everything but he’s admitted to other players that he’s been sleeping with her.

Poor ditched Dale then confirmed, 'It’s true, she told me she’d been seeing Paul. We’ve split up. I’m trying to get my head around it all, it’s only just happened. I’m a bit messed up. It is bad enough she’s done it at all but the fact that it is with him, one of my team-mates, makes it that much harder to bear.'

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