Who's a moaning Vinnie?

So it seems that Vinnie Jones is a sore loser - even if having played for Wimbledon, he should be used to not being on the winning side.... The soccer hardman has accused CBB bosses of tricking him into taking part in the reality show. According to the News of the World Vinnie felt out of place as 'the biggest star in the house' amongst the celebrity pygmies.

'They led me to believe there would be a higher calibre of celebrities. I felt very down for the first few days and I wondered what I'd done. I thought the level of celebrity was going to be much higher to be honest. I could have mingled a bit easier. I went in as the most recognisable person really. I really struggled.'

Poor lamb. But really, who did he expect to be in the house with, Robert de Niro? Erm, Vinnie, we think he was busy making films...

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