Young minds are fragile and impressionable, right? That's why we have certificates for films, and rules to prevent, for example, seven-year-olds seeing ultraviolent 'torture porn' horror films.

Sadly, rules are there to be incompetently broken. A group of American kids who gathered earlier this week to watch 'Megamind,' the new kid-friendly animated movie, for a friend's seventh birthday were treated to gorefest 'Saw 3D' instead, after a mix-up by cinema staff.

According to the NME, 'The children were told to cover their eyes as cinema bosses tried to correct their mistake, but it took several minutes to rectify the problem. The children would have seen images of a man with his foot cut off, as well as a woman being killed by a buzz saw.'

All in glorious three-dimensional technicolour, ladies and gentlemen!

The kids were reportedly left suffering nightmares, though they did watch 'Megamind' as planned so we suppose theoretically they could have been from that. But, yeah, we doubt it.

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