Who will win the jungle crown?

With just three celebrities left in the jungle, tonight’s the night for a celebrity to be announced as King or Queen of this year’s I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out Of Here! Will it be loud-mouthed supermodel Janice, or will Christopher Biggins’ camp comedy win him the prize? Or perhaps ex-boyband member ‘J’ will conquer all with his sparkling personality? (Yes, that was a hint of sarcasm).

More to the point though – who could we bear to see again? Has anyone else had enough of Kerry Katona? If only someone would just send her to Iceland…

Biggins is bookies’ favourite to win, with odds of 4/9 and we’d certainly like to see more of him on his assured route to national treasure status. The world’s his oyster if he wins: his own talk show, film roles, a music career… whatever he does, we’re sure it’ll be great. Vote Biggins!

(Image: from YouTube)

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