Who wants to go to Glastonbury?

Kipping in rivers of poo while getting pi**ed on for 3 days just isn't as much fun as it used to be. So say festival goers, whose lack of interest for this years Glastonbury has seen 37,500 tickets still on the market after a whole day and a morning of open phonelines.

Could 3 years on the trot of rubbish rain really be an excuse to stay at home and watch the whole thing from the comfort of the sofa like nan and grumps?

We reckon it's a combination of things - weather, price, sniffer dogs, and the sound of Michael Eavis getting a chubby on over his most specialist 'maybe' headliner ever, Jay-Z. We actually spluttered on our morning brew when we heard Eavis even wants to get up on stage and do a grand introduction of the rap star! Unlike the angry protestors over at NME, we like Jay-Z and are glad he's coming.... but a 'special' welcome speech just for him? Isn't the spirit of Glasto all about understated, cutting edge musical cool?

Still. Moan over. Bottom line Glastonbury's still one of the best live music events ever and not one that should be resigned to the dumping skip just yet....it's a national insitution for fecks sake!

And since the horrors of snoozing in muck rivers can be traded for nice warm yurts and Indian shikar tents, apart from absolute laziness - there really is no excuse.

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