Who wants to be taken off air?

It was once appointment telly, but now it’s slinking off our screens; yes, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is getting the chop, after 13 long years dishing out easy money to anyone with half a brain.

The show, which once drew 19 million viewers, will now only have the celebrity edition broadcast, in what producers are hoping will become ‘event’ TV. The decision, according to The Mirror, was taken after the live show on Christmas Eve drew its highest rating since 2006 – 6.5million viewers – a paltry number compared to its heyday.

‘We are looking to do fewer shows but make them higher profile,' said an ITV to the tabloid. 'The appetite at the moment is for big specials while the audience has drifted away from the run-of-the-mill instalments featuring ordinary punters.

‘It’s still a popular brand but we need to make sure it remains fresh and relevant. There’s a realisation that having Millionaire on every week for eight weeks perhaps isn’t the way forward any more.’

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