Who said romance was dead?

Barely a day goes by without the gloom merchants predicting the break up of Brangelina. However the world's most genetically fortunate couple may have found a way to shut everyone up; they're considering getting married.

While Brad has always been vocal in his desire to make an honest lady of Ange, until now Jolie has resisted - preferring to wait until she really had good enough reason. Well what with all the negative speculation of late, it seems like she might have found it.

A secret source told the truthsayers at The Sunday Mirror; "Usually it's Brad who wants to talk marriage. But this time it was Angelina. An aide sent them all the clippings about their relationship problems and Angelina said it was probably best if they married and put an end to the speculation. Brad's face lit up, he was thrilled. He definitely wants to get married before they have any more babies. He needs to know Angelina is really committed to him. Becoming Mrs Pitt would give him that answer."

Whereas the 6 kids and counting wouldn't?

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