'Who is this obnoxious girl?'

Peaches Geldof seems to have finally cottoned on to the fact that she 'might' not be one of the UK's most popular celebs. The daughter of Bob, and er, giver of interviews and opinions (we still can't work out quite what she does), feels that she's much maligned in the press. But it's okay journos, as Peaches 'understands how it works'. She's clever that way.

The girl about town told The Daily Mail,'I read about this person and I’m like, 'Who is this girl? Who are you, because you’re not me and you’re really kind of obnoxious.' I wouldn’t like me if I’d just read about me in some of the publications.'

Peaches also discussed the pain of having a 'fit' mate, saying, 'You know when you have, like, an obnoxiously hot boyfriend? When they’re just ridiculously hot and you’re just, like, the obviously subordinate partner? It’s so upsetting. I just feel like I have this ridiculously fit boyfriend and I’m just like, 'Raah!' in the corner. Personality-wise, I feel like we’re a good match, but sometimes there’s an obviously fitter partner.'

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