Whitney tells all to Oprah

The original soul diva is back, and she's revealed pretty much all there is to reveal about her quite spectacular fall from grace. In an exclusive interview with Oprah (who else?) Whitney Houston talked candidly about her disastrous marriage to Bobby Brown, and equally disastrous addiction to crack cocaine. Although the full footage is yet to appear on YouTube, Oprah has since talked to the press about the no holes barred interview saying there 'wasn't a single question that Whitney didn't answer thoughtfully.' Whitney admitted for example, spending a whole 7 months in her pyjamas smoking crack. She also talked about the difficulty of caring for her daughter during that dysfunctional time.

In the end, it was Whitney's mother who saved her, coming round to Whitney's house with the a court injunction and the police. 'I want my daughter back, I'm not losing you to the world', she said, in a tear jerking moment which is the only part so far to have made it onto YouTube. Not only does the interview sound like the frankest lowdown of Whitney's post Bodyguard life, it also seems like it will make for very sad listening. Someone so talented losing it all because of drugs is yet more testament to the toughness of the industry and the way in which we build up our stars only to wait for them to fall...

Whitney however, looks great, and seems firmly back on form; let's hope this is the soul legend back for good. Her new single, 'I Look to You' has all the ballad-ey hallmarks of a huuuge Houston hit.

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