Whitney Houston's doctor faces questions

Whitney Houston's doctors are said to be facing questioning regarding drugs that were found in her hotel room when she died.

The singer was found in the bathtub of her Beverley Hills hotel surrounded by different bottles of prescription pills including ibuprofen, Xanax, Midol, amoxicillin and several others.

If anyone gave Houston the drugs illegally, they could be charged. A source told The Sun: "[Authorities] need to determine that no one is criminally negligent. There still could be charges in this case."

Coroners have still not revealed the cause of death but it is believed that she did not drown in the tub.

TMZ reported that some of her prescriptions were filled out at the infamous Mickey Fine pharmacy, which was raided in 2009 by the DEA for evidence of 'improper dispensing of controlled substances', in connection with the death of Michael Jackson. These reports have yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile Houston's body arrived back in her home neighbourhood in Newark, New Jersey.

Her family are considering holding the funeral at Newark's Prudential Center, which hosts sporting events and can seat up to 18,000 people.

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