Where's Sharon Os-gone?

Sharon, Sharon. She's a razor tongued matriarch with tv deals coming out of her ears, but that hasn't stopped her fiddling with those ears. And nose. And cheeks. And lips... (Ok, maybe not the ears.)

Undoubtedly, she is one of the few Hollywood luvvies who has made plastic surgery work for her. (She looked great after her original 'tweaking', and there's no denying she still looks a good 25 years younger than her actual age.) But her latest surgery is straying into permanently surprised/bemused face territory. The new face - complete with bloated cheeks and a wonky, expressionless smile debuted on American chat show The Talk yesterday and the Daily Mail has been quick to stick the knife in.

Sharon has talked about the allure of the surgeon's knife in the past: 'I got to the point where I realised I was abusing, I wasn't respecting my body. I was chopping it, changing it, and it's like, hey, you've only got like one body and you have to respect your body.'

Translation: Doctor - fiddle with my cheeks again!

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