Where to find the best fireworks

If you're stuck for ideas on where to head for the best displays this year, there are many planned that will set your evening off with more than a big bang wherever you live in the country. See our pick of some of the top venues below.

Alternatively you may well be planning to set off a few in your back garden. Well, all the normal safety guidelines are popping up across the web, however one survey that particularly caught our attention was how us Brits tend to wreak havoc on our otherwise well tended gardens.

According to an AA poll, 23 per cent of Brits are well aware nothing in their garden is insured. An AA spokesperson said; "Every year Guy Fawkes celebrations wreak havoc in gardens across the country, so we need to make sure we’ve protected our outdoor property.”

The research also uncovered that 65 per cent of us have a garden shed that we are somewhat proud of and 19 per cent of us feel similarly about our beloved greenhouses.

You can certainly buy some enormous fireworks for home displays now. For example the "Land Mine" which needs burying under the lawn where it subsequently explodes...we kid you not we saw it last year...For the safety conscious, check out the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents for their tips on a safe evening.

(Image from Tinatinatina's Flickr stream)

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