Where there's smoke there's ire

It's that age old mothering conundrum - should you, or should you not blow smoke into your child's face when boozing in a pub garden? To be fair to Billie Piper - who has been caught by the tabloids in the act, and now faces the wrath of mumsnet, and non-entity politicians alike, she's never claimed not to love a pint and a fag. Though the picture of her child's head wreathed in smoke is rather unfortunate...

The Daily Mail was predictably excited by the thought of hundreds of vitriolic rants on their message board. (Sorry, we mean - concerned for the health of the child.) Billie has never hidden her love of the weed, saying, 'I didn't smoke through my pregnancy, and I thought I did really well not to for nine months. When Winston was born, I decided I didn't want to smoke cigarettes any more, as they are full of chemicals, so I turned to roll-ups instead. I do love them.'

An angry charity rep said, 'There are two good reasons not to smoke in front of children. First, especially in enclosed areas second-hand smoke seriously damages a child's health and even risks causing a cot death. The second reason is that the more a child sees adults around them smoking the more likely they are to try smoking themselves as they get older.'

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