Where there's smoke, there's coke, Paris

Their lives so very closely linked by criminal records, we assume that at some time in the future, Paris Hilton and Lindsday Lohan may become jailbirds and do time together, acting in their own US version of 'Porridge.' The dream comes closer to reality with the recent arrest of Ms. Hilton for possessing cocaine, OK magazine reveals.

Apparently, Paris was just an innocent (?) passenger in her own car (we assumed she might be driving, but we're guessing this is a chauffeur), which was driving around Las Vegas, when police noticed some dodgy looking smoke coming out of it: 'A police spokesman said: 'Officers noticed a vehicle leaving a smoke trail of a controlled substance (and) made a stop based on that.'

Paris was taken to Clark County Detention Center and charged before being released. And no doubt slapped on the wrists before being asked to choose where she would prefer to spend rehab after a token 2 minutes in the slammer.

The orange jumpsuits can clash horribly with the green tint of dollar bills, dontcha know?

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