Where there's muck there's Billie

Billie Piper doesn't seem to have a high opinion of her fellow villagers in Sussex, where she shares a home with husband Laurence Fox. Apparently, none of them can distinguish between reality and fiction, and all think she's a prostitute. This seems fairly unlikely, though it certainly makes for a good headline.

Billie told The Daily Mail, ‘Laurence is the hero, because he’s in Lewis. He’s so famous in our village and his fan club is considerably older. They adore him and see me as his tainted, mucky wife. Honestly, they’re not big on me. I think they see him as muddying himself with 'that filth'. It can get quite cold. The looks I get off some of the older guys in the street. Some of them like to think you’re a prostitute for real.’

Time to move villages Billie, or join Holby City...

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