When XFactor auditionees attack

The biggest poisoned chalice in celebrity must surely be a temporary stint behind the X Factor desk. Geri Haliwell and Natalie Imbruglia will be rueing the day they agreed to stand in for Dannii. You can see why they jumped at the chance - after all, what's not to like? Huge exposure, the reflected glory of Cheryl, a bit of patronising hopeful plebs singing Leona. Though that's not quite what has happened; both ladies - admittedly on the slippery slope to celeb oblivion - have met cruel fates. Natalie was booed and jeered by the audience, and even slated by auditionees up on stage.

A witness to the action told The Sun, 'They had only been on for two seconds when one got the hump, chucked the microphone in the other's face and stormed off. She eventually came back and they started to sing. Simon stopped them and said one was better than the other, but they were both pretty awful. Natalie piped up that they weren't very good and one of them just snapped, 'Sorry, who are you?' Poor Natalie couldn't believe it and Simon told them they had a bad attitude. As they were going off one started elbowing the other.'

We bet that the other C-listers awaiting their turn in the hot seat will be feeling as nervous as the poor saps queuing up to warble Lady Gaga...

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