When! Will! It! Stop!

Struggling to find a gift for your arch nemesis or a member of your step family? Then consider perhaps the debut album from comedy duo Jedward. Yes, they’re still going....

Talking to Justin Lee Collins on his new TV show about the one trick pony twins, all round poor taste in music man Louis Walsh let loose on what goodies the public have got to look forward to from the forthcoming album: ‘I'm making a record with Jedward. We've got a new deal with Universal and we've got some good songs,’ he said with a straight face before adding; ‘There's going to be a lot of samples on there - samples from great, great classic songs. We're going to sample MC Hammer, Kris Kross and House Of Pain.’

Their number 2 (how apt) hit Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) and ‘that’ Ghostbusters massacre are also due to feature on the long player. GO! A! WAY!

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