When Katy met Mark

Katy Perry yesterday launched her upcoming US and Canadian tour, and being a sparky young thing, she didn't just hand out a few photo-copied leaflets announcing the tour dates. Oh, no - she went to Facebook HQ, hung out with Zuckerberg and did a live-streamed interview. The new tour will apparently be supported by Facebook, with fans encouraged to use the social networking site, as well as Twitter to express their love for Perry, or something.

According to The Daily Mail, Katie revealed, 'It's going to be an edible looking tour,' Perry said. 'It's going to be candy, a smorgasbord. The California Dreams tour is coming to the USA. And Canada! You can't forget the Canadians, they get really p***** if you do. I love the internet and social networking. I am a child of the internet and am indebted to it.'

When asked why Katy chose Facebook to launch the tour, she gushed, 'This is Facebook. You're like the government.' Indeed. Watch the video below:

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