When in-laws attack

Poor Wayne Rooney, having won his wife back with a few grunts of apology and a life's supply of Louboutins, now has the hardest hurdle to jump. For he has been ordered, by Coleen, to apologise to her furious parents - the ones who wanted their daughter to under no circumstances take back that lying, cheating, no good husband of hers. So we're sure it'll be a nice chat over scones and cream.

A source told The Sun, 'Wayne has already felt the wrath from his parents and now it's time to face hers. She has told him it has to happen as one of her conditions to continue with the marriage. He would have preferred to have phoned them first but Coleen insists it has to be in person. Now he has to face the music.'

It takes alot for us to feel pity for a 24 year-old on £150,000 a week - but this story just about manages it.

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