When frenemies attack

Considering that Paris Hilton once described her 'bestest friend' Kim Kardashian's posterior as 'cottage cheese inside of a good trash bag' we think that Kim might possibly view Paris as a bit of a 'frenemy'. However, the dim socialiate (the blonde one) was apparently devastated at her pal's actions in a nightclub, which might have severed the relationship for good.

According to a well placed source at the tacky club, Paris sashayed up to the DJ, insisted on playing her flop single 'Stars are Blind', then proceeded to do her classic 'having the time of my life on a club table' pose. Then Kardashian struck, 'Kim and her posse burst out laughing. Then Kim took the mic back and said, ‘Now let’s hear some real music.’ The crowd whooped and cheered but Paris stormed out, looking furious and close to tears.'

Mean girls...

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