When cooks attack

Tis the season for feuding celebs. Jamie and Gordon, who have long enjoyed a bitter emnity, have reignited their fighting. Jamie is furious that Gordon went off to India to film a show - apparently Oliver wanted to do it first. Diddums. But more importantly, Gordon treated the Indian chefs with contempt, which made little Jamie's blood boil.

Jamie said, 'When you love telly and cooking as much as I do, you realise that the most wonderful thing in the world is the ethnic mix we are blessed with and are able to cook with. I wouldn’t have minded if he had done a good job, but he didn’t. He just wasn’t respectful. That is the most important thing when you visit another culture. You shut your mouth, you listen and you smile and you suck it all up and you take it all home. You don’t judge. You don’t start shouting at people. How dare he do that? There is a humbleness that you need to have.’

We get the feeling that the Gordon Ramsey empire is slowly crumbling away. Long live King Jamie! Ooh, this feud has made us very hungry indeed...

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