When Bruno met La Toya

Michael Jackson’s death was a bad time for satire; not only did it mean ‘we’ all had to be sombre and respectful of the bizarre Jackson empire, it also meant that making jokes about his family members suddenly became like, totally not cool. So much so that jolly funster Sacha Baron Cohen realised quite early on that taking the Mickey out of MJ while his sister La Toya ate food off a naked man’s body probably wouldn’t do him much good.

Because of this the scene was deleted from the cinematic release of Bruno ‘out of sensitivity to the Jackson family’, but those of you who were literally aching to dance on Jacko’s grave will be able to do so now, as the deleted scene, which is an extra on the DVD, has been leaked onto YouTube. Hooray for tasteless humour.

It's a shame that the clip isn’t actually very funny....

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