When beauty turns rotten

When beauty queens get nasty it just looks so nice, doesn't it? Maybe that's why Larry King didn't anticipate Carrie Prejean ripping off her mike off and threatening to leave his show because he asked her about 'that' court case.

Carrie claimed at a recent Miss California beauty pagaent (which she won) that she didn't approve of gay marriage, after blogger Perez Hilton had challenged her for her opinion on the subject. Prejean later sued the pagaent for religious discrimination, after she was stripped of her title.

Larry King wanted to know why she had settled the case if she had believed so strongly in her cause? 'Larry, it's confidential and you're being innappropriate,' she quipped with a lovely smile. He rephrased; 'in mediation, was it discussed why you were mediating?' 'Larry, it was confidential... you're being innappropriate,' cue another dazzling smile.

A gay viewer then called in to ask Carrie's advice on gay marriage, and whooooops, The Stepford Wife took her mike off and told Larry she was leaving. We were surprised that Larry - the king of chatmandu - let the beauty queen slip out of his chattery grip so easily, and it's a shame she managed to plug her book in the process. But, jeez, it makes for some cringeworthy TV.

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