'What's gwanin', Pat?'

We all know Dizzee Rascal is a true son of the East End of London. The Bow-born Cockney MC has repped his eastside ends for as long as he’s been out recording, and now he wants to take it one step further – he wants a role on EastEnders.

Apparently the rapper isn’t taking the mick when he says he watches the show whenever he can, despite the implausibly lilywhite nature of the show’s cast, and the idea that Phil Mitchell is the local hard man.

EastEnders means a lot to me, because I'm from the East End,' he said. 'I watch whenever I can fit it in. It's best when I hear my music in the show's cafe, that gives me a buzz.

‘I've thought about acting a couple of times. It is something I want to break into soon. It would be a natural progression. I could see myself on EastEnders one day - they just need to offer me a role and I'm there.’

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