What's ghaaan' on Big Willy?

As much as us Brits would like to pretend it’s not true, we can’t help but get a little bit excited when Americans deign to give one of our cultural artefacts a bit of praise. It must be a reaction to all the guilt we have for basically stealing all their best shows and then acting in a haughty manner towards them. Sorry, America.

So imagine the sheer thrill that’s sure to go rippling through the undercrackers of every Brit on the planet when they hear that not only does Will Smith love EastEnders, he wants a part on Britain’s most miserable piece of television.

‘I was just chilling in my hotel and EastEnders was on TV,’ he said. ‘I didn't even know what it was, but I literally could not stop watching it. It was so real and gritty. American soaps are all about the beautiful people and being cheesy. This soap had everything.

‘There was fighting, people sleeping around - it had it all going on! I'm a bit busy but when things quieten down I'd love to do a cameo. I could make a big entrance in the pub, as you guys call it, and be like: "Hey, girl let's take this outside."’ Now if that’s not funny, nothing is.

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