What would Kat do?

It's only been two days since Jessie Wallace called off her wedding, after finding some evidence of ex-sexting on her husband-to-be's phone. Having bravely given him the shove, friends reveal that the Eastenders actress is in despair, made worse by her ex-fiancée's attempts to woo her back.

A pal told The Mirror, 'As well as planning the wedding, she went to great trouble to arrange a big surprise but her plans have turned to dust just like that. It would have been a double celebration, now it’s just a double heartache. Vince continuing to text and phone her to beg forgiveness is just making things worse.' Jessie admitted to a friend, 'Whatever my feelings are for him, it’s all over. I just need to walk away. I still love him to bits and ­probably always will. I desperately want to forget what happened but I just can’t.'

Yesterday, insiders revealed the Vince had been bombarding his ex with messages in an attempt to win her back, 'Vince has been calling and texting Jessie night and day since the split. Jessie has had enough and told him she will call the police and report him for harassment if he carries on. She wants nothing more to do with him. She is so angry she wanted all the wedding flowers just so she could watch them die. To her Vince is as dead as the flowers. Her family have now relayed a message to him not to attempt any type of contact.'

Stay strong Jessie! Just ask yourself 'What would Kat do?'. I think we all know that the answer is, 'don your finest leopard print, and hit the town'...

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