What would it be like to live in IKEA?

It's always on the back of our minds whenever we go there. After hours of piling candles and cardboard into our trolleys on a mission to spend no less than £200 per visit on nothing in particular, there comes a moment where you'd just like a lie down. Only forty winks. Just a quick snooze on one of the beds or sofas in the monolithic warehouse shrine dedicated to the flat pack that is IKEA.

It's not like anyone would notice. And even if they did, their weary "I've been in this store for three hours and can't seem to get out" look means they'll probably bring over a cup of tea, rather than shoot you a scandalised frown.

So, it is with great admiration and intrigue that we find out American comedian Mark Malkoff moved in to the IKEA in Paramus, New Jersey, yesterday morning. He will be staying put for the week while he posts daily recaps of his stay on his website, video diary style.

Join the Facebook group if you are, like us, fascinated by the whole concept or check out a few shots from our photo gallery of his antics so far. Here's Mark's first video:

(Image: Mark's Gallery)

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