What will Peter say?

Peter Andre will have lots of angry fodder for his next tabloid column, after seeing the pictures of Katie's boyfriend of seven days, Argentian model Leandro, on a cosy night out with Katie and Peter's children, Junior and Princess. Come to think of it, what's Alex Reid going to say?

Despite the fact that Leandro has been introduced to Price's children, the model is apparently keen to get back to Argentina. We don't blame him, the weather's rubbish here. According to The Daily Mail, Leandro told friends, 'If she says this is going somewhere, it isn't. I could never live here. I'm going back to Argentina after I've done work here. I miss my family, we are very close. In Argentina, I'm more famous than Katie is here. I have my own career which is actually going very well.' Hilariously, Leandro apparently told his friend while Katie was sitting with him, but spoke in Spanish.

After news broke yesterday that Leandro has a secret love child called Sophie, the model tweeted, 'The real people who know me know everything about me and I am the first person to tell. The British media think I'm hiding something.'

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