What a Wag

These days, if you count yourself a wannabe popstar, you're nobody unless you're expressing your opinion in pithy - 140 characters or fewer - soundbites. And the XFactor contestants are a savvy bunch - each and every one of them has a Twitter account, and will happily tweet inanely away on the events of the day. Unfortunately, some of the younger upstarts are using Twitter to express their disgust at Wagner's continued success.

According to The Sun, the contestants have been engaging in a very modern Twitter war. Louis's One Direction fumed after the results show on Sunday, 'What a joke Wagner through and not Aiden.' While Matt said 'The whole Wagner thing - enough is enough. People should be voting for the singers'. Wagner then hit back using a mature and reasoned tone, befitting his age and status, 'There is no need for one contestant to belittle another.'

Well said Wagner. Though the fact still stands - you can't hold a note...

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