What a prat...

Former World Champion boxer and (more importantly) star of Strictly Come Dancing, Joe Calzaghe, has become the latest dopey celebrity to fall for the classic News of the World sting, being outed as a bit of a coke fiend and slagger-offer of boxing compatriots.

Joe thought he was chatting to potential sponsers, and so decided that the best way to impress them would be by getting sweary and talking about his drug consumption: 'I know the score, I done bits and pieces myself. Don't tell my dad for f*** sake! He's no idea. Of course, I do a bit, but the thing is most of it is f***ing s*** in Wales. In London it's not too bad. What? It's £40 normally. It's normally £40. And was it s***? Well you got f***ed off then in Wales!'

To further compound the embarrassment, the Italian Dragon then tore into fellow boxer Ricky Hatton: 'You know he was knocked out really badly the last fight, knocked out two fights ago, and the reality is he's done himself a lot of damage...he's been knocked out by a nobody hasn't he', and finally turned to Prince Naseem, 'Obviously he had that episode didn't he, where he went to prison. He's quite big. He's only like five foot two. He's quite a size now.'

Oh dear Joe. Who knew that boxers were so catty?

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