What a boob

It's something everyone's done at least once in their life. Whether it's sending a soppy message to your current snoogy woogams to your best mate, or an explicit account of last night's drinking and drug taking to your mum, there's barely a person in the Western world who hasn't sent a message to the wrong person, with embarrassing consequences.

Now you can add Lily Allen to that list, who just the other day took a topless picture of herself and pinged it off to Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs. Oops. Wilson said on the Chris Moyles Show that he 'got this weird text the other day from Lily Allen of her topless.' What a boob, eh? EH?

'I have a girlfriend called Ricki,' explained Allen, barely concealing her not-botheredness. 'It wasn’t like a sexy topless picture – it was just me on the beach and I happened to not have a top on. I was trying to make her jealous and go like “Ha ha, look where I am, I'm on the beach, I’m all hot and sunny” and then I got a text back from Ricky from the Kaiser Chiefs going “Woo, Christmas came early!”'

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