Wham! Bam!

We’ve had Movie Week, Diva Week, Idol Week, Queen Week and now The X-Factor is going to have Wham! Week.

According to The Sun, producers have chosen songs from George Michael's old band for this week’s theme. Georgie pordgie was himself confirmed to perform on the show, but instead Mariah Carey will now appear live on the Sunday results show. Shame that they've already done Diva Week.

‘The theme has only just been decided which means less rehearsal time. Handily for the twins it wasn't Elton John week or they may have struggled’ said the source, also claiming that John & Edward may be performing ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’’ - Man Alive!

Other themes in the running apart from Elton John included: Soul, Mowtown and American Hits. Susan Boyle is also confirmed to perform live on this weekend's show.

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