Westlife: Cowell told us about Jedward months ago

Westlife singer Mark Feehily has alleged that Simon Cowell planned for Jedward to win the X Factor before the competition started. The revelation was made by the Irish singer in a forthcoming interview with Heat magazine.

'When we went to Simon's house in America earlier this year, he took us into the cinema to show us some footage of the X Factor before it had started, and the clip he showed us was of John & Edward's audition.'

The Westlife crooner continued: 'Simon was using them to showcase the series before they'd even been picked. People thought Louis was mad to put them through, but even Simon knew they had something.'

Feehily's claims will further fuel the speculation that this year's X Factor is rigged. Cowell decided to save John and Edward on Sunday sending Lucie Jones home despite having claimed that he would leave the country if the 18-year-old twins won the competition.

However, in reality it appears that Cowell recognized John and Edward's potential for making filthy lucre as Feehily duly acknowledged: 'Jedward will make a lot of money out of just turning up to parties and singing. I don't know if they'll have a pop career, but they'll have a TV career.'

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