We're still together, honest

Alex Reid has sensationally denied that he and Katy Price are due to split, claiming that not only are they fighting to salvage their relationship, but that they’re: a) getting on like a ‘house on fire’ and b) still planning on having kids.

In what is an extremely odd article for Star magazine, the cage-fighter turned public laughing stock has claimed that they reconnected during their three-week break in the Maldives. It’s written as though it’s a footballer explaining a sub-par start to the season, completely with an optimistic rhetorical flourish at the end: why should anyone care what the bookies have to say about their relationship?

‘Like most couples we have our ups and downs,’ he said. ‘We have both been under pressure and it has affected us. So yes, we’ve been having difficulties, but we’re hopeful we will get it sorted.

‘We went on holiday over the New Year to reconnect, and it felt like we did. It was like a weight had been lifted when we admitted we were having problems, and since then we’ve been getting on like a house on fire! And no, our plans for having kids are not on hold.

‘It’s not nice to read the odds are on us being the first couple to split in 2011 – hopefully we’ll prove them wrong.’

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