We're still not buying it...

Another day, another story designed to convince us that Cheryl and her dancer pal Derek Hough are a genuine couple. Look, we want our Chezza to be happy as much as the next heat reader, but we're just not buying it. The latest news is that Derek's sweeping the doe-eyed lovely off on a 'trip of a lifetime', where they'll drink Pina Colada's and practise the Parachute dance as the sun sets.

Derek's chatty stepfather, who seems to be moonlighting as his PR man, said,'It will be one of those dream romantic holidays that you take when you are just starting out on a relationship. Derek is totally in love with the girl and wants to spend as much time as he can with her.'

A pal added,'[The holiday] was a complete surprise to Cheryl and she couldn't believe he had gone to so much trouble organising it. She was told to take her passport and all would be revealed at the airport.'

Let's hope for Cheryl's sake, it's not a Sandals resort...

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