We're fine

The more brazen of the celebrity rubber neckers might have noticed that The Sun has been following Wayne and Coleen Rooney around while they attempt to relax on holiday in Dubai. Amazingly, given that they’re under the constant glare of the tabloid spotlight even when thousands of miles away, they’re not having the best of times. Who’s have thunk it.

Coleen has been quoted by the tabloid, who somehow managed to either earwig on a conversation she had with another Brit holidaymaker, or handed them a load of cash for the privilege, as saying: ‘We’re fine. Me and Wayne deserved this break - we needed this time away. We've come out here to get away from everything. We just want some peace and quiet.’ However a ‘hotel source’ seems to have an entirely different view of the matter.

‘They'd clearly hoped the time alone would help them sort out their problems, but it might end up having the reverse effect,' they said to the red-top. 'Neither have looked at all happy and seemed under strain when they're in each other's company.

‘Wayne's spent most of this morning sitting on a wall away from Coleen while she sunbathes. They've barely spoken and he looks as miserable as sin. It's cost them a fortune to live it up in the world's flashiest hotel - but they look as though they'd have been better off staying in rainy Manchester.’

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