We're back for good

Take That are in the midst of the biggest tour of their career, but are the middle-aged rockers considering throwing in the towel and bathing in champagne for the rest of their days? Not a bit of it. Howard Donald has given an interview where he talks about his ambitions for the band. And there's bad news for TT's haters - they're going to be around for a good while yet.

Howard told The Sun, 'We're at the highest possible point we can be tour-wise and album-wise. We've done much better than I expected. It would be complete sacrilege if we said, 'Let's call it a day, let's stop'. I love all of the creating. Being in New York and creating half the album there is a memory I will always have. It just had a different feeling to being in the UK and doing it - you could feel the album coming together, you could feel the friendship of five people.'

He continued, 'We could stand on a massive stage and put amazing lights and lasers on and not have any of these tricks and hydraulics and the big men and elephants. We could have all that and we could do a great show. But would they ever come and see us again because we are not of a standard that we were in our last show? We want people to go home and go to sleep with a smile on their face, be blown away by it and hope a Take That ticket goes on sale again in a couple of years.'

Looks like they're going to be bothering the charts for the next decade. Bad luck, East 17...

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