Wellcome to Vegas, Kel

It should be clear to anyone who reads this site regularly enough that Kelly Brook is the woman of our collective dreams. So radiant with yum she is that even the female part of us coquettishly raises an eyebrow whenever another nudie pic gets released. Ah Kelly, where have you been all our lives?

Anyway, you can imagine the expressions on the faces of the Las Vegas coppers when they see a pair of lost girls waving at them from their car (an act which apparently calls for the drawing of guns and making Kelly and her Piranha 3D co-star Jessica Szohr place their hands on the bonnet – hmmm, no acting out of fantasies there then), only for them to then be asking the glamour girls for their autographs minutes later.

‘There were three police cars following us,’ said our future wife. ‘In England, the natural reaction is to get out and ask for directions, which is what I did. Next thing, we’ve got our hands on the bonnet and we’re trying to assure the police we’re just actresses on our way to Vegas.

‘To have a gun pulled on you and then be asked for your autograph in the space of a minute is just bizarre.’

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