Well, this is entirely predictable

This is intriguing and exciting news, indeed gossip that we had no way anticipated or predicted - what with the fame hungry pair a) sharing the same management b) so lacking in shame that they will do literally anything to garner a morsel of publicity. Yes, apparently Kerry Katona and Peter Andre are dating.

Katona told Perez Hilton, 'He's my sweetheart and it's nice to know I'm not on my own. I can see why women love Pete. He's the perfect guy to take home to your mum, he's everything a girl needs. [My kids] love him - and his music, I took them to one of his shows, he was wonderful with them. Hopefully when Pete's got a free weekend we can take the kids to the beach together.'

We wish you all the best Kezza and Andre, and we're sure that as you respect your privacy, are dignified and in no way desperate types, that you will keep this relationship to yourselves - and won't give away every last boring detail to New!, Now!, OK or Star! (fill in as appropriate). What's that? You've already given 50 'exclusive' interviews on the subject? Gah...

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