Welcome to 'The Word: Behr wants TV show back

It’s ironic that Dani Behr used to present ‘The Word’, the 90’s telly show which had a marmite feature called "I'd Do Anything To Get On TV". Her husband Carl Harwin has said that the ‘I Once Was A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here’ contestant would like to revive the controversial 90’s magazine show after she’s left the jungle.

"Dani's done the baby phase," growled daddy Behr, "Dani wants to get back into TV, which is mainly why we're moving back to England - she'd love to get The Word back on TV.

Highlights of the hit and miss show include; live TV de-butts from Oasis and Nirvana, Oliver Reed being off his face and the vagina of an L7 member. Lowlights include Terry Christian. (Although he's a pretty funny ba*tard in this analysis of I'm A Celebrity.)

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