Welcome to the honey trap

Next time you’re nursing a pint down the cruiser, alone but with your paper and a pack of peanuts, and a creature of disarming beauty sidles up for a chat. Beware. You could be about to topple head first into a Honey Trap. Thats right where the sweet sticky syrup lies, bears will forage.

Private eye companies are being hired by suspicious lovers to spring traps..we mean ‘fidelity tests’ on wayward partners. The honey traps come in all shapes and sizes (men, women, ugly, beautiful), and are matched according to the attractiveness of the target in hand. Important to create an even playing field and all. After that, the horny creatures make a beeline for the ‘suspect’, crank up the flirt machine and wait for nature to take it’s course.

And, like dangling a carrot in front of donkey – the majority of people it seems, will follow. According to the Expedite Detective Agency, 80% of people are willing to cheat. And that’s even without a skinful. Because another rule of the test is that the target must be stone cold sober. Crikey o riley! The ball and chain’s really got you by the knackers if you can’t even plead inebriation!

Apparently honey trapping is becoming so popular that companies are desperate to sign up new recruits. Young bubbly types devoid of moral compass. Our cv's already in the post....

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