Wee ou non?

Gerard Depardieu has been catapulted back into the public eye this week, and not for entirely positive reasons. The hell-raising French actor was thrown off a flight to Ireland after weeing on the floor of the plane. According to reports, Gerard had consumed a couple of bevvies, and insisted that he needed to use the loo. On being told that he couldn't, as the plane was taking off, Depardieu stood up and urinated on the floor. Nice.

An eagle-eyed bystander told The Daily Mail, ‘Mr Depardieu, who was clearly drunk, called out to cabin crew repeatedly that he needed to 'p***' as the plane was heading to the runway. An air hostess told him he had to wait 15 minutes until we were in the air and he could leave his seat. She told him there was nothing she could do until then and that he would have to hold it in. But he replied that he couldn’t wait, then he just stood up and urinated on the floor.' While a friend of the Gallic actor told the paper that Depardieu wasn't drunk and had merely been desperate for the loo. They said ‘No charges were brought and no fine was imposed’

Speaking about his love of the grog, Gerard admitted,‘When I’m stressed, I still drink five or six bottles of wine a day. When I’m relaxed, three or four, but I’m trying to cut down. You think alcohol calms you down, but you become addicted to it.’

Depardieu was flying to Ireland to begin work on the new Asterix and Obelix film, called 'God Save Britannia', Gerard plays Obelix.

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