Wedding of the year?

Shy and retiring types Katy Perry and Russell Brand's five-day wedding commences today, and though we've obviously been invited, we decided to instead stay at home in order to concentrate on bringing you the low-down on the nuptuals. Aren't we kind? The wedding party includes a festival, taking place in the Rakasthan desert, with the grand ceremony being held on Sunday.

According to The Daily Mail, Katy and Russell have also agreed five wedding 'commandments', in order to guarantee a life of marital bliss.

  • The First Commandment: ­neither of them is allowed to go to a nightclub without the other.
  • The Second Commandment: they must phone each other every night before 11pm.
  • The Third Commandment: they are banned from ­getting ‘overly drunk’ — which will affect only Perry (Brand has found her heavy ­drinking hard to deal with).
  • The Fourth Commandment: there must be no ­contact with ex-lovers — particularly onerous for Brand as he has claimed to have been a sex addict, sleeping with hundreds of ­groupies, plus prostitutes and many others including Kate Moss. ­Charmingly, he admits that he has no recollection of the majority of them.
  • The Fifth Commandment: when dealing with fans, there is to be nothing more than a photo and an autograph - no kissing, hugging or rubbing allowed - presumably for the avoidance of temptation.'

Phew - good luck guys!

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