Wedding bells for Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer

Ah. Be nice if this were true. Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are heading down the aisle. According to a couple of deeply unreliable US gossip rags, the pair are on the verge of getting married - and can't wait to then pop out a sprog.

Courtney Cox has already been lined up for maid of honour duties, and the wedding itself will be a 'simple' but at the same time monstrously lavish affair somewhere in the lush heart of Beverly Hills. Vera Wang outfits, honeymoon islands (Crete) and snarky remarks by pap friendly friends ('it's my turn now') are already being mobilised.

And why the hell not. Brad's already on his sixth nipper, it's time Jennifer had a slice of the baby / wedded bliss action too. John Mayer's a much more interesting sparring partner in the sack, and a much more interesting marriage prospect than Brad Pitt ever was. Plus Jennifer and John aren't likely to shut down a whole impoverished African nation when she squeezes a bub out. Move over rubbish, boring Brange, there are some new big hitters on the block!

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