We were little (performing) monkeys!

If you wonder what it takes for a star to end up like Britney 'car-crash-in-slow-motion' Spears or Lindsay 'from jail to rehab and back again' Lohan, then the pushy Mum or expectant Dad standing at the back of a child's audition for a tv commercial might give you a clue. Parents, it seems, are responsible for their children becoming 'performing monkeys', claim Mary-Kate Olsen.

Despite their damning revelation about their sad childhood, which involved having friends which 'didn’t envy them but would feel sorry for [them]', the twins are now something of a household name in teen fashion.

It was however, their stint, ten years ago, as child-actors on the famous US tv sitcom 'Full House' that made the twig-thin twins feel alienated, HeatWorld online tells us.

'I look at old pictures of me, and I don't feel connected to them at all', bemoans Mary-Kate. That might be because you're looking at a picture of your sister there, chimp.

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