We Are The World - in Japan

Warning: The following video viral is very very special.

We Are The World In Japan' is a 3 minute clip of some Japanese wannabees passionately singing along to We Are The World, while dressed up as original 1985 Live Aid members.

There's a Japanese Stevie Wonder (the most out of tune), a Japanese Bruce Springsteen, a Japanese Billy Joel, a Japanese Lionel Ritchie, a Japanese Diana Ross, and even a Japanese Michael Jackson (who is truly one of the ugliest people we've ever seen.)

Backed up by a poor quality karaoke system, and with a shot of the original We Are The Worlders running next to their Japanese equivalents, the troupe sock it to an entranced crowd.

Although they are truly awful at singing, the group give it so much oomph that as they wait nervously on stage to hear the judge's final verdict - there's only one possible outcome. Excruciating.

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