We are against cuts to culture

Last night at the Rome Film Festival Keira Knightley and Eva Mendes were supposed to be tripping down the red carpet, promoting their latest flick Last Night via the medium of fancy dresses. Instead they had their grand entrances ruined by a sit-down protest conducted by disgruntled film industry workers, who occupied their sashaying space while carrying anti-government banners and generally making themselves heard.

The group, led by an organisation called Tutti a Casa (which broadly translates as a ‘let’s pack up and go home’, and is also a play on words, given that’s exactly what out of work employees will soon be doing) were protesting against a series of savage cuts to the arts that Silvio Berlusconi’s government wants to carry out, cuts which could see the closure of Cinecittà , one of the most famous film studios in the world.

Thankfully for all of those there the cast and director of Last Night, Massy Tadjedin got up in front of the crowd and spoke, pledging solidarity with the industry’s beleaguered workers: ‘I say this also in the name of the cast,’ she said. ‘we are here not to just walk up a catwalk, but to show solidarity with you. We are against cuts to culture.’

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