'We all idolised Arnie'

If old Arnie Schwarzenegger didn't feel guilty enough, the family of his housekeeper/mistress have revealed that they all idolised the oversized actor, calling him 'uncle' and watching 'Terminator' on repeat. Sob. Now the family have turned against him, for obvious reasons...

According to The Daily Mail, Baena's nephew Jorge said, 'Joe would idolize Arnold - we all idolised him. It was a cool thing for us. Joe used to watch Terminator 2 all the time, he really loved that movie. They have always been like family to us. Arnold was like an uncle to us, he was really cool with everybody. He always loved Joseph but it didn’t seem he got extra attention. My aunt and my mum both got to travel with Arnold and the family when they went away on vacations and once in a while they took Joe and Roger because they both got on with Arnold and Maria’s kids so well.'

He continued, 'We would all joke to Joe ‘Arnold’s your dad’ because he just looks so much like him. Joe would just laugh it off. But we never had any idea, we thought it was a funny joke. But it was real. When we said it to Mildred she would brush it off and just say ‘you guys are funny. We always thought the father was Rogelio. He has some family with blonde hair and blue eyes so we had always thought there was something in his genes.'

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