Wayne Bridge: Nessie's a monster

Spring has brought us, along with a few paltry daffodils, a bumper crop of philandering celebs - so we'd forgive you if your reaction to this story was 'Vanessa who?'. We understand; the human brain can only hold the tribulations of four celeb couples at any one time. Scientific fact.

So let us fill you in; Nessie, the former fiance of Wayne Bridge and mother of his child, played away with John Terry way back in 2009. The story broke, Terry lost the England captain's band and Bridge vowed never to play for the national side while JT was a part of the team. Well now Bridge and Perroncel are meeting in court, as Vanessa thinks she's not getting enough dosh from her former lover, while Bridge claims that she received a wodge of money from JT to prevent her selling the story of the affair to the tabs. Phew.

Responding to stories that Vanessa received close to a cool million in hush money, avuncular figure to female D-listers in peril, Max Clifford, told The Sun: 'Those claims were 100 per cent false.'

A friend added: 'Vanessa is not daunted by the prospect of facing Wayne in court. She will walk into court with her head held high and fight for a fair settlement. Wayne might not care about their son - he scarcely ever calls him - but Vanessa does and will tell the court how mean he has been. She won't pull any punches.'

A friend of Wayne Bridge said: 'Wayne cannot stand this woman. He felt hurt and betrayed by her but now he's angry and is determined not to be taken to the cleaners. He loves his son and wants to be part of his life. But wants nothing to do with her - she's a parasite.'

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